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A little bit of my services:
I specialize in helping people in their relationships with loved ones and work, as well as, goal setting.


Goal setting: 

Helping people find what they want to do in their lives, plan out steps towards that ultimate goal and going through the process of the steps with you.



Communication is important in ALL relationships. i.e. Spousal, coworkers, siblings, parent/child, and friendships. Gaining perspective on not only how you see things, but also considering perspectives from others in your life, to better improve your relationship with them.

My Story

A little bit about me.
My name is Kerry, and I am a certified Life Coach graduate from IAP college. A mom of two special needs children that are my world. Figuring out how to do life for myself, and to navigate with my children is pretty hard and I learned that life can be a little easier and less lonely when you have someone to confide in. 

I was a stay-at-home mom for quite some time and even though I wouldn't trade that time with my children for anything else, I seemed to loose a little bit of who I was and who/what I wanted to be.

I do know that I was meant to help people in any way that I could. I always had a love for helping and a genuine care for people, so figuring out to help wasn't an issue, it was the how. With limited means at the time, I did what I could, when I could. Juggling everything with my little ones, and with other family things going on, I had to figure out how I can help and still be that mom when my kids needed me. 

BOOM!!!  Life Coach! Since holding down a full time job was requiring my time and commitment that I couldn't give 100% too, and part time just doesn't pay the bills, I thought of working for myself. 


I'm always available on these platforms. Please reach out and let's get connected.

Facebook: ByFy Better You For You Life Coaching, LLC

Instagram: ByFy Better You For You Life Coaching


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